My name is Sanshia and I’m the founder of From Salt to Pepper. Although I am Jamaican and was raised eating meat, I dabbled with the vegetarian & vegan lifestyle since my high school days.

One day my husband stumbled upon some Dr. Sebi videos on YouTube and asked me to make him food using his list. Since I refused to cook multiple dinners I just started eating vegan again as well. To be honest It was hard at first. I followed alkaline recipes I found online (there weren’t that many back then) and the food just wasn’t satisfying to me.

That’s when the lightbulb went off in my head…why not just cook like how I was raised to and use the list to substitute the ingredients?

The next dilemma was breakfast. My husband loved pancakes but didn’t want all the unnecessary & unhealthy items that were found in packaged pancakes and back then you couldn’t find pancakes without eggs or dairy in them. After a lot of trial and error, around a year later I came up with the perfect blend that reminded us of great pancakes we’ve had before becoming vegan.

Cooking alkaline is not always easy and can take a long time to make everything from scratch. This is why I started From Salt to Pepper. My goal is to create as many products as I can that allow you to get out of the kitchen faster and use that time to do the things that you love…..mine is spending time with my family ☺️